We monitor for a fixed rate and can provide maintenance services quickly and efficiently with efficient, fair and reliable partners

Basic service $100 per month

Care and Feeding

Big storm? Alarms? Neighbors saw something wrong? We will be there to check it out for you! We are your caretaker solution.



We pride ourselves in watching over your property, arranging for maintenance or sevices, periodic inspections, and more. Servicing the greater metro area since 2016, we want to help you rest assured that your home is safe and protected. Come to Warm Sands Properties, LLC today to manage your vacation home.

We bring excellence to the property caretaker experience.

We will watch over your vacation home or rental property

Property Management Company


We can find you the tenants you can trust for seasonal rentals.

Maintenance Issues

Let’s face it. Things break, pipes freeze, etc. We have a team available to make repairs before the season so you don't have to!